Paroles Little mutha fucka de Luck Mervil

Luck Mervil
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  • Artiste: Luck Mervil451
  • Chanson: Little mutha fucka
  • Langue: Français

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Textes et Paroles de Little mutha fucka

Little mutha is in ghetto land
Little mutha fucka's gotta take a stand
Little mutha fucka has to show his manhood
Little mutha fucka want's to rule the hood

Goes to the underground and buys himself a gun now
It don't really matter who, he's gotta shoot someone now
It's a matter of pride, of integrity
For in this society one needs an identity

He wants to be a hero
He's gotta be a hero (Let him, let him)
But who's hero
Who's hero
He wants to be a savior
He's gotta be a savior (Let him, let him)
But who's savior
Who's savior

Little mutha fucka sniffs a lot of coke
Little mutha fucka thinks life's a joke
Little mutha fucka shows his cowboys skills
Little mutha fucka goes for the kill

In the midst of the multitude a life is over (no one cares)
A brother's time taken by an ignorant sucker (no one aware)
He was 21 but he's dead now, who's to blame? (blame the mutha fucka)
You can't blame that scumbag he's looking for fame (blame the mutha fucka)

It's a rusty world
With some fucked up minds
Can't you feel the vibe
It's a shame

  "Pour le meilleur et pour le pire"

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