Paroles Twenty-five Hour Day de Luckie Strike

Luckie Strike
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  • Artiste: Luckie Strike26186
  • Chanson: Twenty-five Hour Day
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Textes et Paroles de Twenty-five Hour Day

Can't think of words for this one
I'm lost without no time
And I will surely lose it
If I can't find the time
With no words with no rhyme
I'm lost without no time
I'm lost without no time
With no words nothing to say
I need a 25 hour day
25 hour day
Can't find another meaning
The clock is standing still
Did I mention I might lose it
Oh yeah I surely will
I couldn't find that minute
I needed to get things done
I was hoping to end on this one
And I was hoping to get things done
Little piece of me
Said I should let things be
But the day still slips away
I'm lost without no time
I feel like I'm going to lose my mind
But when I'm done I'll feel fine

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