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Lucky Guess
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  • Chanson: Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Dead

I woke up one day
not even knowing
I walk outside
I couldn't feel it snowing
at the end of the line
I heard the busdriver saying
That's all there is and thanks for playing
Then he said you all have to go
We were pushed of the bus, out into the snow

And it just takes someone
to help you out
The world is large
without a doubt
Sometimes you just have to be collective
Because nature can be naturally selective
Its not your problem if you fail
You just might get allotta hate mail
Cause its the end
Better off dead!

I woke up one night
Covered in sweat
But it was dry
Nothing had gotten wet
I'm not quite sure
but when it started
They conviced us to go
Our ways were parted
thats how I got to here


I keep bringing you down
even when your not around
i keep bringing you down
even when your not around
keep bringing you down
I'm bringing myself down
Bringing myself down
and up

If I keep bringing
you down
then theres only answer why
I'm not getting high, enough
I just want you to shut up
I can't live like this
but she's everything
and your everything


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