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Lucky Guess
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  • Artiste: Lucky Guess26199
  • Chanson: Forgetful
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Textes et Paroles de Forgetful

Verse 1
Rain pours down drowning things as most will
but for a split second all of life is at a standstill
then comes the rush of water again
and for some small little things its the end
the gutters fill with casulities of weather
for the time being it doesnt look like it'll get better
As if something was wrong, a sudden sign of fate
once something is discovered, it rests too late

Can't stop the rain
but you can stop moments in life
you can take breaths at moments
but you have to give them back
in the moments that take your breath away
and even if thats a fact
Its been said many times anyway
And leave it to the rain
and the thunder clouds
to help explain
what lifes all about

Verse 2
As the skies remain black and grey
There's no chance, not enough luck for a sun ray
And as small lakes for in the streets
Cars pass through, like millions of feet
Michelin to road, and rubber to liquid
for some kind of comparison, this is indecent
And its not a great amount of thought
because happiness is something that cant be bought


Verse 3
Rushes of liquid drowning thoughts
life is like water
you'll die if you run out of oxygen
and thats about when
you die you realize
and finally understand life
so you come in with nothing
and leave just the same
but who would've guessed
it can be figured out through rain


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