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Lucky Guess
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  • Chanson: In Your Face
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Textes et Paroles de In Your Face

You better back down
I'm on home ground
Drop out of the race
If you can't keep the pace
End all glory
Cause its the end of your story

you think your great
You say your the best
But thats only when i'm not there
and your taking on the rest
Your just a fake winner
When i'm not around
Your my victory filler

I'm really the best
put me to the test
I'll ace it
so face it
i'm the greater
your a faker
and thats the truth

You think your so good
When really that misunderstood
Your really bad
pick it up a tad
Your skills stink
swin or sink

Why must you gloat
I see your throat
You really gulping
Hoping i'm not winning
I'll take first
You think you are
When you're really worst


You want to win
then just listen
but you wont
you don't
oh well
its your stupidity
you can't tell
you lost all glory


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