Paroles Binge And Purge de Lunachicks

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  • Artiste: Lunachicks11491
  • Chanson: Binge And Purge
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Textes et Paroles de Binge And Purge

Cant have an inch of fat on my bod
gotta get on the cheerleading squad
play try-outs are next week
there's afoxy guy I gotta meet

mom wont let me eat too much
but in my room I go and stuff
Ipecac & exlax are my best friends
I'll have my head in the toilet till the end

fingers just not long enough
this time the purge is gonna be tough
people tell me that I'm thin
then they ask about the bruise on my chin
when I'm home I eat as much as I can
pretty soon I'll need a bedpan
no guys like me cept for lax
but he's my ex!


binge and purge the whole day through
I threw up on moms good shoes
I made a mess in the school bathroom
someones bound to catch me soon
binge and purge

mom found me on the floor
blood stains on my Christian Dior
Now I'm in the hospital, thay feed me
from a bag on the wall
me & my friends do it all together
circle purge will make it better
ruptured my esophagus
but I'm still a hippopatamus
just cant seem to figure it out
why my teeth keep falling out!


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