Paroles C.i.l.l. de Lunachicks

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  • Artiste: Lunachicks11491
  • Chanson: C.i.l.l.
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Textes et Paroles de C.i.l.l.

RIP out the ugly eyes of you
I tear you yawning jaw apart
you can't talk and you can't see me
as for me I'm filled with glee
and I eat your veins just like spaghetti
intestines go round & round
your hairy mole looks just like a grapefruit
weave your fingers into a crown


you're such an asshole,
my how you smell
you're illiterate & I can spell
that the days you have are numbered
I cant stand that grimace you wear
your soul will be stripped without a care
and I feed your liver to my cat
but he did'nt even want it
would you fancy that?
you're ugly and you're flabby and you're filled with cheez
you're way beyond the title of sleez


hit you in the head with a rock
peel your fingernails off like grapes
pull out each nostril hair one by one
I feel whole again from destroying you


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