Paroles Be My Prisoner de Lurkers (The)

Lurkers (The)
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  • Artiste: Lurkers (The)26282
  • Chanson: Be My Prisoner
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Textes et Paroles de Be My Prisoner

be my prisoner

Now I know your on your own
I can see you got no hope
Aww baby I got something to share
Come on you be my prisoner
When I got into center fame
I can only give you pain
don't you know your safe with me
Behind bars and I got the key

Be my prisoner x4
This is love
Be my prisoner you take my breath away

Always wanted security
don't you know your safe with me
In this prison there's no harm
When there's gentle in your arms
Just wanna be your best friend
Havin fun intil the end

Be my prisoner x4
This is love
Be my prisoner you take my breath away
You and you

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