Paroles Brickyard Road de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Artiste: Lynyrd Skynyrd4106
  • Chanson: Brickyard Road
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Textes et Paroles de Brickyard Road

Doesn't Seem That Long Ago

Three Of Us Walkin' Down That Road

Grey 55 Chevy, Parked In The Front Yard

Little Melody Tagged Along

Those Were the Best Days Now They're Gone

Oh It's Been Twelve Years Since It Went Down

Lord Lost My Best Friend Now

I Can See Him, Fishin' On That Old Dock

I Know I Can't Bring Back Yesterday

But Oh Lord Can You Help Me Find My Way

Down To Brickyard Road-Oh Walk On Down

Down To Brickyard Road-He's With Me Now

Swore I Say A Free Bird Fly

Ridin' The Winds Of The Southern Sky

When I Hear That Whistle Blow

It Carries Me Back

To Brickyard Road

Brother Do You Realize What You've Done

Touched The Hearts Of Everyone

You Might've Died Too Young

But Your Songs Live On

I Know I Cant Bring Back Yesterday

But We'll Be All Together, Again Some Day

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat Chorus 2nd Time)

I Can See Him Standin' On The Dock

His Old Chevy Out In The Front Yard

Walk On Down-Walk On Down

Momma And Daddy's, Doin' All Right

Saw Melody Last Saturday Night She's All Grown Up She's Such A Pretty Girl

Things Just Ain't The Same Since You Left Our World

Oh Brickyard Road

Hear Me Now

I Can See Him, Down On Brickyard Road

Swore I Saw A Free Bird Fly

Ridin' The Winds Of The Southern Sky

Down To Brickyard Road

On Brickyard Road

Oh Brickyard Road

Wanna Go Back

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