Paroles Jake (When The Smoke Clears) de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Artiste: Lynyrd Skynyrd4106
  • Chanson: Jake (When The Smoke Clears)
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Textes et Paroles de Jake (When The Smoke Clears)

A boy gets crazy when he's sittin' at the bar
Don't you mess with Jake don't you push him too far
Rotgut whiskey and homemade wine
Make a good country boy just lose his mind
Like a runaway train rollin' through the night the boy ain't got no fear
Like a race car hittin' the wall it gets hard to steer
Waitin' for the smoke to clear

oooh oooooh...

Betty got caught in the back of Bobby's car
Bobby got caught with his hand in the cookie jar
Her Daddy blew a fuse and went for his gun
Now Bobby and Betty they're on the run
Like a runaway train rollin' throught the night nothin's gonna stop them now
Gotta keep on moving cover their tracks somehow

Like a runaway train rollin' through the night
The kids ain't got no fear
Daddy swears bang is the last sound Bobby's gonna hear Oooohhh...
Waitin' for the smoke to clear

Daddy finally caught 'em and he emptied his gun
Put a dead end to all of Bobby's fun Oooohhh...
Good god almighty for heaven's sakes
Betty's Daddy turned out to be Jake

Like a runaway train rollin' through the night
Jake ain't got no fear
No hangman judge gonna give the boy 99 years

Here sits Jake in the back of this bar
Sippin' on an ice cold beer
If the law had a clue all they'd do is look right here
They'd see Jake
Waitin' for the smoke to clear .... Waitin' for...

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