Paroles Nig-gotiate de M.O.P

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  • Artiste: M.O.P2988
  • Chanson: Nig-gotiate
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Textes et Paroles de Nig-gotiate

[whispered] Come on!

[Chorus: M.O.P.]
Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, WON'T STOP!
Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, DON'T STOP!
[B.D.] Once againnnnnnn.. [L.F.] You won't believe it!
[B.D.] Once againnnn.. [L.F.] It's M.O.P., you see it!
Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, WON'T STOP!
Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, DON'T STOP!

[Lil' Fame]
Once again, we come with the rush (IT'S US BABY)
For all those platinum and plus (WE CRUSH BABY)
It's Home Team back with the true thing
Back with a new thing, back with a new slang mayne
We bang three times three M&M's
Yo I'm sittin on chrome.. BITCH, and I ain't talkin bout rims!
We got exclusive, new shit, you know, you get
true shit, from us, to help y'all move with
M. Fitzroy nigga, makin them hits
Amateurs in the game, we makin 'em quit
I got your baby momma chest a jumpin around
and gettin on dowwwn, with her big ass, and shakin her tits
Nigga, I don't be lyin, I will blast iron
at you fake-ass thugs that think you made of cast iron
So calm down clown 'fore I bring the pound down
I will step and, stomp yo' ass to ground round, cause I


[Billy Danze]
I got my Cobra vision goggles on, I see you comin
with a six-pack and a smile homes, I like your style homes
I felt your vibe from a mile away
And it's okay though, cause the demon in me decided to lay low
(Aiyyo!) Nigga I drink that six-pack witcha
so I'll say that I was under the influence when I hitcha
Anyway, it's a brand new day
Still underrated, still the most hated
Niggaz can't fade it; they know they can't tame us
or change us, so they treat us like strangers (WE'RE DANGEROUS)
I am so anxious, that it scares me sometimes
Find myself doin shit that wouldn't cross the average mind
I seem to find time to nig-gotiate (MASH)
Renogiate blast at a nigga straight BLAST
Get rid of his ass, rugged never smooth
(M) BLAST (O) BLAST (P) on the move!

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