Paroles Let Go de Machine Gun Sally

Machine Gun Sally
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  • Chanson: Let Go
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Textes et Paroles de Let Go

I try to think of new things to do
To be cool, talk of things that interest you
Somedays, I think everything's going ok
But I can still tell something's standing in your way
And I know it's her, your first love ever
You still worship her & all the times you spent together

Oh and now I wish, that you could just let go
Everyday I pray you'd just let go
By that look in your eyes
I know you couldn't
And even if you could -
I know you wouldn't
You just can't seem to let go

Somedays - I'm not so sure
If you mean everything you say
And I know you miss her
Miss her more and more each day
And when it comes to her
I know i can't quite compare
To her smile, her eyes, her long blonde hair
Cuz yeah she's perfect
But who cares?


I guess I can't ask you to forget her (no no no)
But is it so much to ask
For you to remember me?

I guess I can't ask you to stop loving her
But I need to know
If there's room for me

Yeah is there room?
Could you make room?
In your heart
Yeah is there room for me?

Repeat & Fade out

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