Paroles H-O-E-K de Mack 10

Mack 10
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  • Artiste: Mack 1023329
  • Chanson: H-O-E-K
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Textes et Paroles de H-O-E-K

(feat. Ice Cube, K-Dee)

[Intro: Ice Cube]
Shake your ass
K-Dee bayby
He's hard on his hoez

This is H.O.E.Killa all day (thrilla)
Pussy thrilla come in smootha than a miller
Genuine draft ben you in half
Fishin' cuz my mish in is to getin you and stab
You with this ginsoo then you ah see that I don't give a fuck
I'm trip off them hoez that say they neva suck... dick
But I'm to slick I bet I make them switch
Then you hear me scream "make the music with yo mouth bitch"
I play em hard Bogard when I met em like Rochelle
Ooh suck dick so swell
Yea it don't stop jus uh get it get it
Head down ass up so I can hit it hit it
Uh Its on like that always look in fo some action
Make in em neva breath again like that hoe name Toni Braxton
Call me the boat knocka I blast like banoka
Oh my I can't deny I'm high off that cho-co-late
Ty get my clown on daily
Don't nutt in come free see bitch this is K-Dee
Still try in ta lan this skanless brotha
Uh notha claim inn true from the crew that unda cova
Still Lench Mob in got ta let them bitches know
Flow original I got ta let my richies grow
So check one check two test these nuts uh
I'm them guts of these hoez with the big butts
I dig um smack um slap um on the ass
Out with a tank full of gas and pocket full of cash
I'm paid in fact I'm ah mack with 10
Times mo game now tell me who you blame

[Ice Cube]
I'm a hoe killa
I'm a hoe killa
[K-Dee] H.O.E.K. all muthafuckin day
[Ice Cube]
I'm a hoe killa
I'm a hoe killa
[K-Dee] H.O.E.K. all muthafuckin day
[Ice Cube]
Mack 10 comin' straight outta plain Inglewood
He got to ?? on your hoez
Uh, and you know that, and you know that

[Mack 10]
I knew this girl name Wonda that drove a Honda wagon
A bad ass bitch but always bragin
About this, that and the other
It's like every nigga ballin' was her big brother
She knew the 411 on everyone of them
But swore up and down she wasn't fuckin' with none of them
Had niggas on her like decals buyin' her jewells
Cause the ass was like booyah
She was the perfect bitch
Let her tell it but the hoe was full of so much bullshit
I could smell it
And I could tell she was a no good ho
Cause she always want to meet the niggas that I know (like Cube)
First Cube, K-Dee and I bet
If you let me mention Pooh
Then the bitch I'll get soken wet
Wantin' to do it just to say she done it
Let him nut on her stomach
Cause he got a five hunit
Benzo but you know how hos is
They itchin' fo the chickens and the niggas in show biz
With out the chips no dips or the hotteys
But 10 I'll kick a bitch like he doin' karate
In the body round house to the ribs with the gangsta boots
Man I brakes they ass off to the roots
This H.O.E.K. all muthafuckin day
And wouldn't have it no other way
So lock the door hit the floor
And if you hear any noise
You know is that nigga Mack 10 nuttin up on a hoe

[Ice Cube]
I'm a hoe killa
I'm a hoe killa
[K-Dee] H.O.E.K. all muthafuckin day
[Ice Cube]
I'm a hoe killa
I'm a hoe killa
[K-Dee] H.O.E.K. all muthafuckin day [x3]

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