Paroles Elektro Vakuum de Madrugada

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  • Artiste: Madrugada26401
  • Chanson: Elektro Vakuum
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Textes et Paroles de Elektro Vakuum

Photographic images Your faded smile The air What's to it? I try to shake it off all evening I try to pass just out of reach To reach conclusions that can't be concluded A hotline to the past, that's all it is I was anxious I was sure you'd come to see the show And what's more I was hoping you would appreciate it It's electrified at first, yes But then it drops It's a box of many flavours But we are not enough, is that not so? Not sure, just wont have it (Chorus) Get your mind off what you leave behind You know you may as well be going blind lately It's hard to say, you know Well, you've been led astray This simply will not do And it's true it hurts me too Well I guess it's not so long ago I turned to speak and there was no-one Nothing, just a street car rolling by Now, nothing in here really moves I just produce a bunch of silly lies And all those brightly colored lights Ah but I have loved you in my way I have loved you Too much too fast And then a little A little too late (Chorus) You've been led astray For what reason I can't say I won't stand in your way again It's been another ... As such is that ... and I reach through your window Wake you in the morning I was waiting I was sure you'd get whatever you were waiting for But I can't stand it anymore

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