Paroles Dead Happy de Magnet

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  • Artiste: Magnet10024
  • Chanson: Dead Happy
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Textes et Paroles de Dead Happy

I paid for the symptoms in full
And got the whole disease thrown in for free
With no plans just pills that came prepaid
I burst to life like a man insane
See I'd rather be sorry than safe
Cos bruises heal and scars make

A mess (?), this day laugh
A buried man
Out of the ground
And call me a
Dead man happy (?)
Dead man happy

My posture good (?)
My body young
It's been years since I last felt this strong
Given no recovery time at all
I'll bounce back, yeah I'll bounce back
This day (? sounds like 'life')
A buried man
Out of the ground
And call me a dead man happy again?
Yeah a dead man happy again

Dead man happy, dead man happy.
Dead man happy, dead man happy.

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