Paroles Voices de Magnitude 9

Magnitude 9
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  • Artiste: Magnitude 96253
  • Chanson: Voices
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Textes et Paroles de Voices

Have you ever wondered why, we wonder why,Our lives look different, through
another persons eyes?, Through another persons eyes

Dreams so real that we can almost feel

Can`t understand, the things that have been said, from the voices in my head.

Let your memories take you to another time, to a time and place, where
nothing`s on your mind, nothing`s on your mind

Dreams so real that we almost feel

Can`t understand, the things that have been said, from, the voices in my

We hold the keys, that unlock all of the doors, Cant we get to a plane, we`ve
never been before


We need to devise a way, to disguise the confusion, that we feel,to break
through the haze, and get through the maze to a level that is real
There must be a way,The cards can be played to finally win this deal
We`re one in the same, involved in this gamem in time to be revealed

Can`t understand......

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