Paroles Y (Inquiring Minds Mix) de Mainesthai

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  • Artiste: Mainesthai26490
  • Chanson: Y (Inquiring Minds Mix)
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Textes et Paroles de Y (Inquiring Minds Mix)

Why is small talk such a necessary evil?
It's very boring
And yet we can't seem to communicate without it
The weather, for instance
Why are handshakes really necessary?
Defense mechanisms
So much time is wasted on things nobody really even cares about
Fake laughter
Fake orgasms
Who cares?
Why are some things considered an insult
While other things complimentary?
Why is it that by the time you can afford a luxury
You're too old to be able to use it properly?
One can waste an entire lifetime dwelling on life's ironies as opposed to living them
It's all quite maddening
Was life more fun before TV, when you actually had to be creative?
How come people think philosophy is something you learn from books
And not something you live with yourself
Why is it that everytime I turn around
The exact person I didn't want to see is standing there
Looking at me
Waiting in the expectation of the things that I'm about to say
But really don't care about

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