Paroles IV Beyond The Moon de Majestic Vanguard

Majestic Vanguard
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  • Artiste: Majestic Vanguard34489
  • Chanson: IV Beyond The Moon
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Textes et Paroles de IV Beyond The Moon

[Music & Lyrics: Daniel Eskilsson]

In a garden beyond the rainbows foreign land,
there was a Man dressed in white

Rainbow colors in this beauty arise
True time whispers clear my eyes
Beyond the moon we seek the kingdom

Poor walls of burning souls,
emperor falls when they're sinking their goals
Systems down now the demons are bound forever

Freedom in the slaughtered Lamb,
redemption as we reach the end
I saw His face, a silent touch
The night will never see
that the meeting must proceed
when Love became a blood red name

Endless lightness will follow Him through
Stronghold fate captured my truth,
Visions dance with mighty winds forever

Lost deep eyes in a sea of cries,
ice-cold lies in a world of advise,
treasure found when we worship the crown our Messiah
The living God

The Man who's dressed in white
has an endless love in sight,
and His name will the king of lies proclaim

Proceed the meeting soon
so we can fly beyond the moon
The treasure found, when we worship the scrown

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