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Majestic Vanguard
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  • Chanson: V Tears In Neverland
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Textes et Paroles de V Tears In Neverland

[Music & Lyrics: Daniel Eskilsson]

How many years have floated down the stream,
how many tears in Neverland
The broken words inside your head,
you left behind your dream instead
The broken words are crossing through the gates of truth

Take the time
The knights are screaming
Take the time

Neverland is all the same
You've been touched by an angel's heart
Where's the way,
where is the guided way
There is hope in the Morning star
Await the call, the angels on the wall

Await the dawn,
in the rising morn
With shining swords they cross the gate
My deepest fear will lose its fate
The lonely years will end this day
when they come to say

Take the time
The knights are screaming
Hear the call

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