Paroles Mysterious, Mystical, Majestic de Malfeitor

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  • Artiste: Malfeitor48099
  • Chanson: Mysterious, Mystical, Majestic
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Textes et Paroles de Mysterious, Mystical, Majestic

[lyrics by M.Fabban 15 June 2008]

The entire nature, a magical theatre
the great mother, the supreme demiurge
the world as a whole
filled with the multitude of its parts
like spiders we weave our life and we move inside the web
We are like he who dreams and lives in his dream
this is the reality of the whole universe

Like ghosts, we are a cruel evenet destined to recure endlessly
Like ghosts, we are the dream that fades away
We are as the fires that begin to die out

Mysterious, mystical and majestic
Is the Reign we built
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The smell from the dephts
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The command hidden in the seal
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The Understructure of the house where we live

The secret truth is the basis of everything
inside the mind that obliterates
Mysterious machinery... mystical.. majestic..
it creates and destroys
it moves, amplifies, separates, combines
and we are the change we want to see

We are that which frightens some people
for we are what they'd like to be
We are they who know who they are
and he who doesn't know himself is lost

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