Paroles Cryin' Clouds de Mandragora Scream

Mandragora Scream
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  • Artiste: Mandragora Scream6437
  • Chanson: Cryin' Clouds
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Textes et Paroles de Cryin' Clouds

I know the hero/I know the omens turn to fight/losin' forever your self cry and burnin'/high/Hell and Heaven, open the doors over the/light/lookin' for somethin' that can take away/your pride/I know the hero/I know the castle burns on fire/come and help me/now that your faith can save my life/now give me your light, you're the hero of my/mind/Angels are cryin'/while their wings are flying high/towards the twilight/where they try to find their sight/A universal mind.../ever and ever comes to life,/can you forever.../ever and ever come inside?/I know the hero/I know the castle burns on fire/come here and save me/now that your light can rape my mind/come here and help're the hero of/my time/I know the hero/my mind and my heart burst on fire.../come here and save me/you're the hero of my mind...

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