Paroles Labyrinths Of Earth de Mandragora Scream

Mandragora Scream
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  • Artiste: Mandragora Scream6437
  • Chanson: Labyrinths Of Earth
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Textes et Paroles de Labyrinths Of Earth

[Dhalstai, Ambarllia, Yalmare, Leddnizzia & Imperiah]
Scythed by our agony and
Pain that grows inside,
We consecrate our sleepin' beauties,
And try to leech our blood
Our knowledge rose behind him,
Dreadful knight of grace
We tried to move and
Free ourselves from
This everlasting ice
Our nakeness licked by the Count
Exhalin' hell to burn
Symphonies of blood arise
Through labyrinths of earth
Fadin' silence came through unlife
While his cape embraced us
Hooded eyes decay, the damned
Darkness of our loom
No one feels our lustful cry...
Melodies arise through rain,
Melt away in flames
Now we lay without our life,
Waitin' for the end
Live again across my veins,
Bewitch my tearful brain
In your eyes I see the blaze
Burnin' through the grave
Dark Knight, burnin'
Through my grave,
My dark grave...
Under the nightshade
Our lifeless hair
Suck, the livin' lymph.
Bloody tears of roses...
Stand fairly close to us,
So close and murmur
Your ecstasy again
Lord, tremblin' our wanton flesh

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