Paroles Lactate Veins de Mandragora Scream

Mandragora Scream
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  • Artiste: Mandragora Scream6437
  • Chanson: Lactate Veins
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Textes et Paroles de Lactate Veins

Landward I saw you
Inside the old womb of time, lorn
You are your loom through my time, light
Mother of pearl, my eyes dyin'
I feel your breeze...
How long this way, now
Like larval flames burn
choosin' my life, flowin' in my veins
Lactate Veins...
Lost in your mind, melted in your breath
For ever Lord you'll touch my cries
Glowin' in your arms, flowin' in your calm
Nibblin' all your soul
Betitchin' tone on
Elusive candlelight guides far
And a Crystal Serpent like melody comes to you
And feels in your heart like merciless death

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