Paroles Not The First Time de Mansions

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  • Artiste: Mansions41646
  • Chanson: Not The First Time
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Textes et Paroles de Not The First Time

So I got a little drunk and embarrassed myself
it's not the first time
thought something would happen, thought you were something else
that was a big lie
I never really ever meant to be taking everything so seriously
it's not the first time
and I should know better
but I guess I don't
I don't know a thing about you
besides the fact that I want to
don't leave me here without you
tried to make you miss me but you wouldn't oblige
so I said, "get out
yeah, get the fuck out"
the whiskey on my breath started to fall from my eyes
just like a rain cloud
yeah, I'm a dark cloud
I never really ever meant to be
presenting myself so desperately
it's not the first time
and I should know better
if I thought it'd make you stay
I would chop off both your legs
but knowing you you'd find a way to keep on leaving
well don't leave cause all I want is you to just pretend to feel it
or I guess I don't

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