Paroles Substitute Angel de Mansions

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  • Artiste: Mansions41646
  • Chanson: Substitute Angel
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Textes et Paroles de Substitute Angel

We took a walk outside
we saw the beautiful lights
we shared a couple of meals
yeah, we laughed like angels
well everybody thinks that they're special
everybody thinks they count
but I was just your substitute angel
yeah, I was just your friend for now
but I don't mind that your face will fade
the time keeps flying by and I barely even know your name
we took a walk outside
I saw with your two eyes
you said "I'm glad you're here
it would've been a nightmare"
well I remember when you said I was special
I remember when you said I count
but I was just your substitute angel
I was just your friend for now
but we took a walk
we walked for miles
with kerosene and matches
to burn down all these bridges
and keep our friendship buried underground
cause you were just my substitute angel
you were just my friend for now

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