Paroles Creamy Goodness de MAP

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  • Artiste: MAP26576
  • Chanson: Creamy Goodness
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Textes et Paroles de Creamy Goodness

I came, her name is Creamy Goodness
She tells me to call her whatever, whenever I want
She makes me smile but doesn't make me happy
I think I may have caught something evil from her
She wears her hair in pigtails like a schoolgirl
Her make-up smells like flowers in a field
Her legs seem to never end, they are amazing
Her breasts are something I just had to feel

We talked all night and we slept together
And fireworks illuminated her bed
But in the morning she had disappeared
I was left with an empty wallet and a cheesy head

I saw her again at a bar beneath the city
She claimed she never meant to rob me at all
I was angry but she manipulated me
The next thing I know I'm at hers wearing nothing at all

She said she'd make my world a whole lot brighter
She'd take me high and I would never fall
But in the morning despite all of her promises
It turned out her goodness wasn't that creamy at all

The doctor gave me cream to ease the rashes
I caught from the girl that I so nearly loved
Now she is gone and I am in agony
It's the last time I go all the way with a big dirty slut

She said she'd make my world a whole lot better
But in the end it hasn't changed at all
She promised so much and did not deliver
Her goodness was poison and wasn't that creamy at all
It turned out her goodness wasn't that creamy at all
Wasn't creamy at all, wasn't creamy at all
She wasn't creamy at all

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