Paroles Rainfall de MAP

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  • Artiste: MAP26576
  • Chanson: Rainfall
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Textes et Paroles de Rainfall

I'm stood here trembling in the pouring rain
I sing a song just to see you again
This heartache striking again
Hits me lower than I think it should
The lights from inside your house are turned off
The street lights outside your house are still on
I'll wait until the sunshine
Breaks through all this rainfall to you
A rainbow I'll ride through to you

Take me back, look at me
Broke my heart, set me free

You said you never want to see me again
I find that hard to believe in the rain
You once said we'd be together
You'd love me until time turned to dust
The windows to your house are like evil eyes
Staring back at me, they hate and dispise
I wish that I was inside
I would give all the pieces to you
And pray that you'd make this come true

Break my heart, left in pain
So help me out, break my brain

I guess you might still be angry at me
But what for? I was all that I could be
Just because I lied to you
I only told you what you had to hear
Your brother comes out with me in the rain
He goes back inside when he's hit me again
I won't be deterred by aggression
I need your help to help me out
I'm stood out here but I will not shout

Was I wrong? Let me know
If I was I will go
But I'm not, so why start?
Your decay defeats my heart, my heart, my heart
You've fucked my heart

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