Paroles The Night Belongs To Us de MAP

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  • Artiste: MAP26576
  • Chanson: The Night Belongs To Us
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Textes et Paroles de The Night Belongs To Us

Looking at where you should be
There is nothing there
Hope myself to sleep
I wait
I wait
Dressed in softer clothes for sleeping
Close my eyes to think
Close my eyes to see
In here
I wish

Stars light up my bedroom
Hope that you'll surprise me
Hope that you are here
But no
You're not
Work just keeps me busy
Wonder what I'd say to you
Sunrise is our marker
Can't sleep

Hold me with your feelings
Never let me go
I tell the world I love you
Don't go
Simple situations hurt me
Just to hear you voice
I can't say enough 'I love you's
I try
I try
I try
Good night

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