Paroles Theria de MAP

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  • Artiste: MAP26576
  • Chanson: Theria
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Textes et Paroles de Theria

Cold fire, I can feel it
A heart so used to nothing it's burned by so little
just a glow from you is a bonfire to me

Your fire, you can't see it
You're not aware of the heat I'm feeling from this
My overeagerness to be less cold
Blinds my ability to see that you don't want this
I can feel it

This fire
This fire
This fire
This fire glows so amber

Your eyes just look at me
I read this situation as much more as it is to you
Still feeling the glows of your amber
They don't want to keep me warm, but I can feel it

Cold fire
Cold fire
Cold fire
You try in vain to put the fire out

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