Paroles Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow de Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn
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  • Artiste: Marc Cohn11543
  • Chanson: Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow
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Textes et Paroles de Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow

I'm coming to see you
Tomorrow sometime
Gonna bring you some roses
Gonna tear off the vines

Gonna talk to the wind
That blows through the trees
Kiss you like always
From down on my knees

Gonna ask you some questions
Get no replies
Wipe all the tears tears
Falling down from my eyes

'Cause the one that I wanted
I never could know
Girl of mysterious sorrow
Girl of mysterious sorrow

Gonna park in the street
Gonna open the gate
Walk to the spot where
You always wait

I'll be shaking my head
Like I usually do
'Cause the name and the dates
Tell me nothing about you

But I'll sit in the shadows
And let you explain
All of the sadness
And all of the pain

Did it all seem so hopeless
You just had to let go?
Girl of mysterious sorrow
Girl of mysterious sorrow

Mysterious... mysterious
mysterious... mysterious

Yeah I'm coming to see you
But I really can't wait
There's just a few things
I needed to say

Like why were you hiding
So much of yourself?
Why were you living
For somebody else?

Well I know that I've always
Been looking for you
But lately it's not
Such a hard thing to do

'Cause it seems like inside
Every woman I know
There's a girl of mysterious sorrow
A girl of mysterious sorrow

Mysterious... mysterious
Mysterious... sorrow...

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