Paroles Saving The Best For Last de Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn
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  • Chanson: Saving The Best For Last
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Textes et Paroles de Saving The Best For Last

Got into a cab in New York City
Was an Oriental man behind the wheel
Started talking about heaven
Like it was real
Said, They got mansions in heaven
Yeah the angels are building one for me right now
And I know...

They're saving the best for last
Look around this town
And tell me that it ain't so
They're saving the best for last
Don't ask me how I know
'Cause it must be
Saving the best for last for me

You can go a hundred miles a second
Don't have to drive no lousy cab
Got everything you want and more man
And the King picks up the tab
You walk around on streets of gold all day
And you never have to listen
To what these customers say and I know...


I remember when I was a child
Lost in the streets of Chinatown
My mother had a vision and I was found
(Saving the best for last for me)
Oh-oh - saving the best for last

And when I finally take this journey
I'm gonna wave goodbye to Earth
Gonna throw this meter in the ocean
And prove what I was worth
And I don't care who tries to flag me down
They're gonna have to find another ride uptown
And I know
They're saving the best for last

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