Paroles Robot Song de Margaret Berger

Margaret Berger
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  • Artiste: Margaret Berger26636
  • Chanson: Robot Song
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Textes et Paroles de Robot Song

I told my sisters that I met someone
I told my mother that I've fallen in love
I couldn't tell my dad; it's best I don't
I couldn't tell my dad; he shouldn't know

They wouldn't understand what you're really like
They wouldn't understand what this love's about
They'd try to set me right, hold me back
And then you can't be mine

You're the only one who makes me feel a thing

I'm in love with the robot
Uh oh
Come to get me when the stars die

My heart belongs to you, it always will
But they will ruin it, I know for sure
So it has come to this, can't take the pain
This is the end

You're the only one who makes me feel a thing

I'm in love with the robot
Uh oh
Come to get me when the stars die

Another time
Another place
Another wold

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