Paroles Speedway At Nazareth de Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler
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  • Artiste: Mark Knopfler4071
  • Chanson: Speedway At Nazareth
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Textes et Paroles de Speedway At Nazareth

After two thousands came thousands and one
To be the new champions, we were there for to run
From springtime in Arizona, 'til the fall in Monterey
And the raceways were the battlefields and we fought 'em all the way

It was in Phoenix in the morning, I had a wakeup call
She went around the without a warning and put me in the wall
I drove at Long Beach California with three cracked vertebrae
And we went on the Indianapolis, Indiana in May

Well, the Brickyard's there to crusify anyone whol will not learn
I climbed the mountains to qualify I went flat throught the turn
But I was down in the might-have-beens and an old pal good as died
And I sat down in gasoline alley and I cried

Well we were in at the killercamp on the Milwaukee mile
And in June up in Michigan we were robbet at Belle Isle
Then It was on to Portland Oregon for the G.I. Joe
And I blew off almost everyone when I my motor let go

New England, Ontario we died in the dirt
Those walls from Mid Ohio to Toronto they hurt
So we came to Rode America where we burned up at the lake
But at the Speedway At Nazareth I made no mistake

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