Paroles Drowning de Maroon

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  • Artiste: Maroon7376
  • Chanson: Drowning
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Textes et Paroles de Drowning

I feel like drowning in this world of misery.
I raise my fist to fight this stupidity.
My inner self tells me to keep on struggling.
For those absolute rights and against their suffering.

And I don't regret my self- reliance.
In this world full of dead and senseless dying.
Too much blood has been shed, greed leads to violence.
In this world full of death I keep on trying...


Can't you see their suffering?
How can you ignore their pain?
Look at the locked- up victims, don't turn your head away.
You are responsible (too), so start to save your soul.
Consumer of this slavery for the taste on your palate...

Do you know the price they have to pay?
Can you ignore their hell everyday?


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