Paroles How I Do de Marques Houston

Marques Houston
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  • Chanson: How I Do
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Textes et Paroles de How I Do

Look at you style,
Oh, yes. Fly, yes.
Drinker, yes, yes
Fitness Beckham Jeans, hips nice, eyes tight,
Ooo yeh girl you're fly, seems like I could eat you alive,
Legs, skirt, coat, fur, purse, Gucci baby I love her,
But even tonight (How I Ju...How Ju...) How I do, how I do.

Ooo look at your smile, got me going wild,
Sexy girl, making me swirl,
Skin tight, teeth white,
Hair brushed down, Ooo let me buy you a crown,
Princess yes, VPS,
It's a privilege just to see you undress,
Stomach tight, fitness right,
Think I just found me a girl for the night,
Nah, even tonight (How I Ju...How Ju...) How I do, how I do.

Im'a show ya, baby im'a on ya tonight, yeh,
Oh, we lightin candles, baby we foggin windows tonight...night.
Yeh, gotta feelin, yeh you gotta feelin,
Scratchin on ma back and Im all down with it,
Cos I, the sun is risin, yeh you got it risin
And you can say you got it by the end of the, end of the,
Nah, Even tonight (How I Ju...How Ju...) How I do, how I do.

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