Paroles Learning To Fall de Martina McBride

Martina McBride
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  • Artiste: Martina McBride4384
  • Chanson: Learning To Fall
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Textes et Paroles de Learning To Fall

I was alone in the dark
Never let down my guard
Closed the curtain on my heart
So the world could not see
All the demons in me
Told myself I was free

Then you showed me how wrong I could be

Now I'm standing on a mountain of rubble
That once was a wall
Took years to build around me
And you came along
And you tore it down
Like it was nothing at all
Now it's a little scary
Learning to fall

When you looked in my eyes
Past the fear and false pride
You saw goodness inside
I can't believe how I feel
I believe love is real
And I'm ready to heal

You show me how right I can be


I was holding on, now I'm letting go
I was holding on, now I'm letting go
I was holding on, now I'm letting go


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