Paroles Love Land de Martina McBride

Martina McBride
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  • Artiste: Martina McBride4384
  • Chanson: Love Land
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Textes et Paroles de Love Land

Wasn't wearing a wedding dress in a Vegas wedding chapel
They were herding us in and out of there like we were cattle
Not exactly the fairy tale that I had planned
But mama said aren't you supposed to get married girl
Before you bring a baby in this world
And what could I say but yes ma'am

And I called her from that chapel in Love Land
I said I really love this man
Love Land

Seemed like a lifetime driving from Vegas to Oklahoma
If you're allowed a number of mistakes in life maybe I've filled my quota
They called it a reception saying we did the right thing
And they smiled their broken smiles
Said who needs to walk down the aisle
And I showed off my wedding ring

And we walked away hand in hand to Love Land
Oh how I love this man
Love Land

Amazing all the progress we've made since the days of Thomas Edison
Still only God gives life in spite of modern medicine
Doctor's voices whispered we did all that we could do
But your baby wasn't strong enough
To make it the whole nine months
And as my world broke in two
He said I'll carry you through to Love Land

For the longest time I blamed myself
Thought I was paying for my mistakes
But we tried again
Now we're watchin' him blow three candles out
He's daddy's little man
And only God could have planned
The steps I've taken
That led me to where I am
Love Land

Anywhere you hold my hand
Is Love Land

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