Paroles The Phoenix Lament de Mary And The Grandpres

Mary And The Grandpres
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  • Artiste: Mary And The Grandpres37232
  • Chanson: The Phoenix Lament
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Textes et Paroles de The Phoenix Lament

you were the greatest wizard I have ever known
you were the closest thing to a father I have ever had
or ever will

albus percival wulfric brian
albus percival wulfric brian
Cry no more. Please, Dumbledore.
Cry no more.

Even though you have a brother
named Aberforth
I know he'll never amount to
half of what you were worth
and even though your portrait
hangs in McGonagall's new office
I'm gonna miss you
even more than Sirius

You fell through!
You fell down!
You fell off The North Tower, and landed on the ground!
and now Hermione
and Ginny Weasley
and all of Wizarding
is Looking up to Me!
And when I need you most
you didn't leave a ghost
and I know I'm toast before

This will be my Phoenix
This will be my Phoenix Lament.

"I'm not worried Harry,"
his voice a little stronger
despite the freezing water

His voice a little stronger
despite the freezing water
"I'm not scared, Harry Potter
Live up to be your father."

"I'm not scared, Harry.
I'm with you."

This will be my phoenix
This will be my Phoenix

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