Paroles Unnameable de Massacre

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  • Artiste: Massacre6485
  • Chanson: Unnameable
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Textes et Paroles de Unnameable

She's so degrading
She's so deceitful
Shot full of lies
With open arms
She pulled me in
She spread her legs
So full of sin

Impure wanton whore
Unfaithful cunt
Lustful seductive bitch
She knows what I want

She's so lascivious
Totally obscene
She's so promiscuous
And so unclean
With both hands
She pulled out my heart
Stood back and laughed
Tore me apart

Insidious wicked wench
The femme fatale
Sadistic vicious slut
She brings me hell

Don't you ever speak - her name
Don't you ever say - unnameable
Hope you never do - the same
Hope you never meet - unnameable

You'll see her mark
Reprehensible stain
Just never utter
Her forbidden name

Don't you ever speak - her name
Don't you ever say - unnameable
Won't you hear my words - Christ
Won't you ever learn - why

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