Paroles Where Dwells Sadness de Massacre

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  • Artiste: Massacre6485
  • Chanson: Where Dwells Sadness
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Textes et Paroles de Where Dwells Sadness

Why make a promise you won't keep
You know I don't believe in your lies

You lied (all lies)
You bend the truth
I'm blind (so blind)
I'm such a fool

Why even say that you'll be with me forever
You know forever is never forever

I'm depressed (depressed)
With a heavy heart
No hope (so hopeless)
I'm at a loss

Suffer me (suffering)
Unto this agony
Drown in me (drowning)
In depths of misery

Broken down (so broken)
In grim visage
Watch me laugh (I'm laughing)
On the wrong side of the mouth

Suffer me (suffering)
Unto this agony
Drowning (drowning)
In depths of misery

I feel the sorrow so deep inside
This anguish I suffer from all your lies
I seek release from all this madness
Shrouded in despair - consumed by sadness

Suffer me (suffering)
Unto this agony
Drowning (drowning)
In depths of misery

I believed her, she lied
Where dwells sadness, inside of me
Where stems the madness, in me!
She lied

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