Paroles Toxic de Massakre

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  • Artiste: Massakre34551
  • Chanson: Toxic
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Textes et Paroles de Toxic

I watch you I feeling
I hate you I see you
I think I'll kill you
I don't you I'll keep
I'll go out I never
Kissed your foot

You know what you are
You don't'n give a damm
You business're your dreams
You business're your pain
Your business're your cry
Till the end of time

Push me in switch me on
Let me go pick me up
Put me down let me run
And nothing more insane
Like a worlds's government by psycho

You know what you are
You don't give a damm
You business're your Kosovo
You business're your scream
You business're your violence
Till the end of time

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