Paroles Bitcheshate de Mastamind

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  • Artiste: Mastamind23427
  • Chanson: Bitcheshate
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Textes et Paroles de Bitcheshate

(feat. Dice, Esham)

[Dice singing]
Bitches hate me, oh bitches hate meeeee

This goes out to all the bitches all across the world,
this is a love story, I mean a hate story
cause you see this bitch now hates me

I know this bitch her man likes to beat her
If you ask me she likes the way he treat her
Because poppa's got a brand new bag, the same old drag
The four four mag. make my pants sag
All I want to do is sleep with her
I dig her on the D-L,I fuck her swell when I creep with her
I didn't know she was a dike
Until she fucked up and told me wet pussy is what she liked
I was just chilling watching a porno flick
I never think about her until I got a hard dick
But peep this she's number one on my creep list
Every time I jack off I think about her
I can't live without her, her pussy pops like gunpowder
Kind of smells like clam chowder
She's my baby though
I used to fuck her while her man was at work
We'd talk on the phone And she tell me how much her pussy hurt
For this dick, phone sex and shit, she's sick
Loose lips sink ships, on my dick she sank my battleship
I day dream of wet dreams, I dream about sucking you
Titty fucking you, bitch my dick is stuck in you
She gave me crabs and I stabbed her in her titty nipple
And now her nipple's crippled
And now she hates me for that

[Esham talking]
I can see why she hates me, fuck her,
bitch hates me I got a little something for you
bitch I hate you too, so uhhh...

[Dice singing]
Bitches hate me, oh bitches hate me,
bitches hate me, bitches hate me, oh bitches hate me

Bitch I know you hate me cause you couldn't make me break see
How many niggas have you fucked around the way lately
I don't want to see your freaky ways no more
Bitch I ain't got no more dough
I spent my last on a hoe a few years ago
Two years ago I was sick for a quick blow
My mind says stop, my mind says go
My mind says I can never learn to love you hoe
Poppa said mack the bitch, smack the bitch daily
Pay me pay me baby 'fore you lay me
She's just another toss up
She got my dick in her mouth and when I came she coughed up
I'm sick to the stomach with her, I should let her go
Cause she's a hoe and all my homies know
They want to fuck her I said yes
But my nigga, you better watch your back cause she's the best
I guess this is the end for me
And this bitch is no longer a friend of me
Cause she hates me

[Mastamind talking]
My nigga what do you got to say about this hoe?
I know she hates me, it ain't my fault though
you know what I'm sayin? Hey yo my nigga Dice

I knew this bitch named Cortessa
She was three years old I was twelve, I used to child molest her
A freaky little young bitch
My dick got hard every time I seen her switch
Even though her pussy got stole
Her colon was swolle because I nutted in her asshole
I'm in love even though she was an infant
And every now and then her mouth I left my dick prints
Her people got suspicious
Pussy delicious, she blew my dick like bubblicious
I used to hit it from the side, she used to ride,
Yeah nig suicide
Now cops investigate
She's 10 years old yelling rape, now I got a court date
I've been fucking her for years, so many years of screaming
Sick demon, now they're testing my semen
Now I'm going to the pen doing five to ten
Hey they say it's manslaughter
But who gives a fuck, I fucked my daughter

Bitches hate me, oh bitches hate me,
bitches hate me, bitches hate me, oh bitches hate me

[Dice talking]
Who gives a fuck though? I rape the bitches,
I need to go to my cell and shit, jack my dick,
look at all the porno stars up on the walls and shit,
all that pussy is better than my woman's
Man now I'm doin life, fuck my kid and my wife
And I'm out like this

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