Paroles The Promise de Matt Minglewood

Matt Minglewood
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  • Artiste: Matt Minglewood26909
  • Chanson: The Promise
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Textes et Paroles de The Promise

I'm gonna saddle up that young chestnut stallion
Cause I know he can run like the wind
Across the desert, the pass through the mountains
Yes that horse of mine might be my only friend
He never lies to me the way that you do dear
When I let him go he stands right by my side
And that's more than I can ever say about you
So I guess I'll just get on his back and ride

Take our picture in the frame down from the counter
Let out soul and your memories speak
As I ride through the night I will remember
The Promise that you made that you just could not keep

On a high ridge many miles from the city
Far away your bright lights they shine
And now the chestnut he's tired and he's so weary
But somehow I know he'll take me to the end of the line


The Promise that you make that you just could not keep

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