Paroles Awareness de Means

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  • Artiste: Means11027
  • Chanson: Awareness
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Textes et Paroles de Awareness

I thought I was over it
Like I couldn't just pretend
I didn't feel anything...anything real
But what do I have left to live for?
If I can't deny I'm torn in two directions

We have to live for
What we are passionate about
We have to somehow bring to life
The death inside us all

For the desperate
Does an answer arrive?
If we're losing sleep and wasting our time
And the song of this world is tragic
It is played out into all of our lives

And when we find it hard to breathe
Out of place...just fallen leaves
Let this be a reminder today and tomorrow
Not to be lulled to sleep

To keep me from sinking
Let this be a reminder
When we find it hard to breath
Will we keep from sinking?

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