Paroles Down To The Spark de Means

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  • Artiste: Means11027
  • Chanson: Down To The Spark
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Textes et Paroles de Down To The Spark

Your eyes burn
like a candle
They flicker off of the wall
You will Lie Awake 'til dawn
And hold your breath in your hands
(In your Hands!)

We well light
not candles of our own
Until we find
the darkened spark
Until we find
the darkened spark

I can't forget
the spark you've spoken to me
Where new worlds begin,
my heart it leaves a trail to be followed
Down to the spark
Down to the darkening corner (Corner!)

And all that I can say
is that my heart melts Like wax
right onto the ground before you

Down, Down to the spark
Down, Down to the spark

This dialogue of hope and loss resounds
Can you hear it?
Will you sing along?
This dialogue of hope and loss resounds

Where did we begin?
Was it not at the spark?
Where did we begin?
Was it not at the spark?

(Thanks to Godzilla19 for these lyrics)

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