Paroles Ecstasy Of Death de Meat Shits

Meat Shits
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  • Artiste: Meat Shits6509
  • Chanson: Ecstasy Of Death
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Textes et Paroles de Ecstasy Of Death

[Grotesque Affections]

I steal body parts from the morgue
A collection of extreme rot and gore
I bring home my work every night
In jars of formaldehyde on the shelf

Killing animals for the evening feast
My lover she bathes in their blood
Time to put the spice in our sex lives
Necrophiliac desires need to be fulfilled...

[Molesting The Dead]

I come home with a present the next night
For you the gift of a rotting corpse...
Strapping a dildo on decomposed legs
Doomed to love... Only the dead...

[Orgasmic Mutilation]

The corpse is now gone - decomposed to waste
Replacement denied... I lost my job
So now you leave me - without you I can't live
To get you back....... Now I must die
Masterbate to the excitement of my suicidal intent
Knife in one hand and my cock in the other
Slitting my throat ... Now I cum and die
Find a victim lured with lust - the bait the promise of sex
Naked they fuck I wait and rot - cuts off his head with an axe...

[Necrophiliac Secretions]

[Re-Animation Through Defecation]

You now return to dig me up
Unearthed from my watery grave
You can't settle for just any corpse
Our love continues... even in death

I feed off the warmth of you flesh
Only my body can satisfy your lust
Suck my dead cock swallow my load
Defecation now occurs on your face

In death we loved -
And we laughed...

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