Paroles 5 reasons de Meg And Dia Band (The)

Meg And Dia Band (The)
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  • Chanson: 5 reasons
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Textes et Paroles de 5 reasons

High on our chairs at the kitchen counterI ask you some questions to mother from daughterAsk her, "Why does passion die?""And why do we voluntarily ask for love if it just rolls by?"We never talk, you're scared of my probingBut you're older and wiserSo I just keep hoping the truth will come outI'm ready to hear it all nowPlease tell me 5 things that made you stayThen tell me 5 of your greatest mistakesI'm feeling doubtful and I need new faithThat only a mother could give meThat only a daughter could takeAt first you lie it's become second natureTo protect me from horrible truths that would make you seemWeak and afraidBut i know about the sacrifice you've madeYou say darling it's weakMy mind's become uselessI'm old and I'm tired, and all of this talkingIs futile at mostYou'll learn for yourself how life goesBut I'll tell you one thing, your dad used to sayI'll give you one scene I hold to this dayYour father held my handHe said, "I know we're not perfect, but I love you, I love you anyway."Now I've got some things to make me braveNow I've got one thing my mom used to sayIt wasn't quite science, and a far cry from factBut she loved me, at least I know that

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