Paroles Love Song de Meg And Dia Band (The)

Meg And Dia Band (The)
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  • Artiste: Meg And Dia Band (The)27102
  • Chanson: Love Song
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Textes et Paroles de Love Song

I've felt, this blue before.When a love, walks out my door.My heart, it brokeBut I know where I'm going: Back out in the open.Love won't you find me again?Don't wait for my heart to mend.I wanna fall in love again.Why must we wait in the dark.All that you needs another heartto make your broken heart seem far away.God knows I've done my timeI've cried a river wide.But there's no reason to be unhappy.When you've got all you need to build your own roadThat's how life goes.That's how life goes.Got a lot of questions to where I am going, where my life's goingAnd where I have travelled from.I want to find a love I won't be alone, ya I won't be alone inAnd I won't stop lookingLove won't you find me again?Why must we wait in the dark?

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