Paroles And You Know This de Mental

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  • Artiste: Mental27216
  • Chanson: And You Know This
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Textes et Paroles de And You Know This

Real friends are hard to find
Someone that will be there when you're losin your mind
Fake friends and the smiles they wear
They act like they do but they don't fucking care

I don't know how
You can shake my hand
How can you be my brother?
You're not even a man

I don't think you know the fucking meaning of friend
When I'm down you've three hands to lend
There for the good, there for the bad
The one thing that keeps me from goin mad
Sometimes I just need somebody to talk to
Someone that I trust, that's when you say "Yo! I got you!"
Sometimes I wanna give up, cause life can get bogus
That's why I got friends and you fucking know this
I don't have to explain, you know the the fucking deal
You're like a fucking brother, won't lie, cheat, or steal

To those who go behind my back, and sneak around
I'll turn that smile into a fuckin frown
Why is it so hard to say how you feel
My true brothers know how to be real

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