Paroles Denied Birth de Merciless

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  • Artiste: Merciless6571
  • Chanson: Denied Birth
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Textes et Paroles de Denied Birth

Painfully awaiting the night
Never to see the light
Is this the price I must pay
A stench of dirt and decay

Give me power I don't want to be weak
Show me the glory and light that I seek
Nocturnal life I can't stand it any longer
Years pass by and my pain grows stronger

A little hope I need it so bad
Give me life which I never had

Life or death it's something between
It's a sight you never would believe
I'm unborn but my soul is alive
So why is my birth denied

Give me life or is it too late
hear my cry and my pray

Denied birth

There is no god
Just pain and starvation
I'm here all alone
Awaiting my souls damnation

My souls damnation...

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